What has the Internet evolved into nowadays?


I always tend to think of the Internet as a global awareness system.  If there were no Internet, how much would you know about the world around us? How fast would you be aware of new information and how effective would be your actions? Though resembling something chaotic and uncontrollable, it is already our great overmind, the system each of us is a tiny part of.

How does the internet look today?

The Internet

How it is connected physically?

Submarine cable map

By what?

Submarine communications cable

How does it work?

Internet operation infrastructure

How is it connected virtually, what is the capacity and usage?

Global map, usage and capacity

Where from and where to does the information go?

 Global traffic map

How fast is the Internet today?

Internet speed and costs

How many people are connected?

Internet usage per country

What language does it speak?

Internet language usage

 What is happening there right now?

60 seconds of Internet

 And what do people do?

Online activity

Do we really depend on the Internet?

Addicted or not?

I hope you’ve got the picture and found plenty of food for thought, actually sitting in the Internet now. After all  this is what it was made for;)

















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